Pond Road, Truro

Two boys fling their lines where midges swarm above green plates of lily pads. Late summer heat defies the change that’s coming. Hydrangeas near the porch are purpling. Past dusk, hemlocks Continue reading


I have been writing too many condolence letters lately. I am using the same sorts of words and the words have Become husks of what they used to be. Like the Continue reading

Against Spring

You must take up your oar and go on a journey . . . . — Tiresias to Odysseus A thousand-thousand wings scull and churn in borrowed light. Brants, swans, pintails. Continue reading

Next to You, Permanence

I wrapped the corpse of a juvenile bull snake I found on the road around a slender branch of a young aspen tree, coiling it into three even loops. The fluid Continue reading