Elegy for

There’s no —what was it? Cold sparks from the moon Cold flecks of spit dashed from the wolves’ teeth as they surged down from the north, ice alight in their fur Continue reading

Which Seed

Today in the taxi my passenger was crying into her phone. She’d just had a miscarriage. Who was she talking to? Her mother, perhaps. She hoped there was an invisible hand Continue reading

The Cattle Dog

four-months in this world & puppy-footed goes scavenging the backyard for death skunks the leaf rot, the mulchy bed of dog shit & rocks beneath a crackling ice sheet, finds a Continue reading


My wife thinks the crows are talking to her with their midnight beaks and ragged feathers and maybe she sees the sky through their eyes the reef of dark storm cloud Continue reading

[When I was eleven,]

When I was eleven, they felled the juniper that grazed our small blue house— (In every poem, a quiet thing that it means to keep safe. If this poem had an Continue reading