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Gift the gift of “America’s Finest Environmental Magazine” and your recipient will receive four print issues a year. That’s 88 full-color, ad-free pages printed on sustainable paper covering today’s best writing, photography, and visual art on nature and people. Each issue will be delivered right to their home, on time, all because of you.


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We require the recipient’s email address to ensure that renewals are properly matched in our database, and to grant digital subscription access if applicable. Orion never sells or shares anyone’s information.



Here’s what’s included in every issue:

  • 88 Full-Color Pages
  • Community Letters
  • Lay of the Land: Reports from Near and Far
  • 8-10 Features (articles, photo essays, interviews, profiles, science reporting)
  • 5-6 Poems
  • 5 Book Reviews
  • Enumeration
  • Broadside


Need support?

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  • For gift subscriptions to island nations without postal codes, please enter [space] in the ZIP/Postal Code field.
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