Author Curtis White Stumps for Orion

Curt White came by our offices on October 7. His new book, The Barbaric Heart: Faith, Money, and Crisis of Nature, is just out from Polipoint Press, and Curt was in town this week to speak to students at nearby Williams College. Curt told us the book actually grew out of two articles he did for Orion in 2007, “The Idols of Environmentalism” and “The Ecology of Work.” Generously, he has offered to sell books on Orion’s behalf at an October 8 speaking event in Williamstown, and donate the proceeds to Orion. I’ve read the whole thing through, and I’ll admit to being a big partisan in favor of Curt and his work, but I really do recommend it. Reading Curt reminds me of the Thoreau quote, “there are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Curt is the one who sees, understands, and can explain the root in terms that are entertaining, surprising, and deeply challenging to some of our core concepts as a society. — Hal