Discuss Principled Activism With Wendell Berry, Tim DeChristopher, and More, April 12

What are you prepared to do to ensure a better future for people and planet? Our April 12 live web event featured Wendell Berry, Tim DeChristopher, and others discussing their recent acts of bold, joyful, and principled action. Listen to the conversation and the Q/A here. This was a unique opportunity to hear these inspiring people, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.

The quick background: Last month, Tim DeChristopher, an activist and recent University of Utah graduate, was convicted for derailing an illegal auction that would have leased a huge chunk of his state’s public lands for oil and gas drilling. And in February, thirteen Kentuckians including Wendell Berry and Teri Blanton risked arrest to stage a sit-in (dubbed Kentucky Rising) in their Governor’s office, refusing to leave for four days until they got what they wanted: a promise from the Governor that he would pay attention, finally, to the havoc caused by mountaintop-removal coal mining in Kentucky.