Ten Reasons to Give the Gift of Orion

There are ten thousand gifts a graduate might expect to open this spring—gifts that suggest productivity, mobility, or a creative spirit. But the graduates you know—be they a child, niece, nephew, sibling, spouse, or friend—deserve a gift that they’ll not just use, but cherish. A gift that celebrates their curiosity and their hope for a better future.

In case you’re still not convinced, here are ten more reasons to give a graduate (or anyone) a gift subscription to Orion:

1. It’s plastic-free, advertising-free, made from recycled paper, and will last a long time.
2. The recipient also gets a free, organic cotton t-shirt.
3. They’ll say, “How beautiful! I love it.”
4. The articles, essay, poetry, and fiction make for great summer reading.
5. They’ll think of you every time it arrives in the mailbox.
6. They can share the magazine with friends.
7. You’re showing you know they care about a better future for the planet.
8. It will inspire recipients to write, photograph, draw, and explore.
9. Each issue will spark their curiosity and inspire them to keep learning about our world.
10. Orion is unique—just like them.

Give a gift that will inspire. Give a gift subscription to Orion.