The Chilling Art of Nicole Dextras

Ephemeral ice sculptures dot frozen naturescapes

NICOLE DEXTRAS works across diverse mediums, blending textile arts, natural materials, performance, photography, and film, to create ephemeral installations and social interventions. She utilizes plants in summer and ice in winter, and her outdoor installations are often left to decompose or melt as a reminder of our own ephemerality and the indisputable power of nature. In this portfolio, frozen garments are like exotic bouquets that dazzle the eye for a moment and then thaw with the warm winds. See more of Nicole’s work at and on Facebook and Instagram @ndextras.





All images and sculptures by Nicole Dextras.

This piece is from Orion’s Winter 2023 issue, Romance in the Climate Crisis. Special thanks to the NRDC for their generous funding of this issue.