A grey brick wall with posters taped on it. Taped to the posters is another one that reads "posters for the planet"

Posters for the Planet

In a time when our environmental future is uncertain, natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and the window to avoid further irreversible climate damage is closing, collective action is essential. Last year, Princeton Architectural Press put out a call for designers to create posters that evoke a sense of urgency and action in countering the climate crisis. 50 designs were selected from nearly 1,000 entries that spanned dozens of countries across six continents, and collected as a book: Posters for the Planet.

“This collection of climate change protest posters aims to empower many voices and create a platform that allows people to take a stand via the age-old, analog process of making protest posters,” they write. “Climate change is a dire topic in need of raised voices—and protest posters.” The posters in this book are detachable and usable in schools, coffee shops, or wherever there’s a wall.

Partial proceeds will be donated to Indigenous Environmental Network, Clean Air Task Force, and Coalition for Rainforest Nations.


Digital/ Jonathan Cumberland / Northport, AL, USA 


A purple poster of a white cat laying on the Earth. Below the globe it says "keep it comfortable!" in white writing

Digital / Tri Ahmad Djabalul Lael / Bursa, Turkey


A pale purple poster showing 35 squares. The squares show a sequence of images of an iceberg melting and fading to black. The last square says "take action" in white writing

Digital / Daniel Liévano / Bogotá, Colombia


A white poster showing a person turning the knob on a blue water spout. Black writing in the upper right corner reads "Water is Life"

Vector poster / Patrycja Longawa / Jedlicze, Podkarpacie, Poland


The upper two thirds of this poster is red, the lower third is blue. Where the two meet is a white polar bear standing on a small piece of ice. An even smaller chunk of ice floats next to it.

Paper on paper / Giuseppina Padula / Perth, Western Australia, Australia  


A white poster showing 26 squares, each with a different photo of garbage. In the upper left, in black writing it says "A is for Action". In the lower right it says "The planet can't wait"

Digital photographs of found pieces of garbage / Madeleine Page / Baltimore, MD, USA


A grainy black and white poster of a glass with an ice cube in it. A polar bear stands on the ice.

Poster / Hongyan Wan / Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China  


A yellow poster. In the center, a person wearing a trash bag over their head, black leggings, and black and red socks stands over the words "don't litter"

Digital / Agnieszka Węglarska / Warszawa, Poland

You can purchase Posters for the Planet here.

The cover of "Posters for the Planet". Shows several posters and in the center has a white box with the title.

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