Wild Cam

**Wildlife Camera Footage Coming Soon!** 

Russ McSpadden’s “Wild Borders,” shares this wildlife game footage to complement “Wild Borders,” in the Autumn 2019 issue of Orion. Here’s more from the author:

“During one remote camera check not long ago, my son and I flipped through video footage captured over a few weeks and saw coatis, javeli­nas, deer, ringtails, mountain lions, one human with a metal detector, one human with an assault rifle, three humans with light packs and weary gaits who seemed to be looking for a new start. We saw a road­runner, a red-tailed hawk, a turkey vulture, a Gould’s turkey, cows, grey foxes, bobcats, and a black bear cub. We saw two moun­tain lions and a spider crawling across the camera. Then we saw a jaguar. Yeah, a jaguar.”