Place-Based Education, Version 2.0

Nature Literacy |ˈnāCHər ˈlitərəsē|

1. The ability to learn from and respond to direct experience of nature—seeing nature as a connected inclusive whole, marked by mutual dependence and enriched and sustained by love.

2. The subject of a growing series of books from Orion.


Since 1996, Orion has published four titles in its Nature Literacy Series, all of which have found homes in thousands of classrooms across the country. The materials presented in the series are directed to teachers, parents, and others concerned with building an educational system that nurtures informed and active stewards of the natural world.

This week, we’re excited to announce the reissue of one of our favorite books in the series, Place-Based Education, which details an approach to teaching that emphasizes connections among schools, community, and the environment. Whether you’re a parent or educator, the insightful strategies in Place-Based Education will help you guide your students toward an approach to nature that’s respectful, inspirational, and enlivening.

Order your copy of Place-Based Education and you’ll learn:

• How place-based education increases academic achievement
• How to make students active and engaged partners in their communities
• How to integrate outdoor education into existing curriculum
• How to cultivate stewardship and social capital in students and the community at large

Plus updated resources, activities, and more. Order your copy today!


  1. Would you have e-book copies that we can purchase? :)Thank you!

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