Friends of Bob’s sent these photos from his Florida sojourn. Bob is headed west through Texas; we expect to have a posting from him soon.

Rough green snake in attitude of mutual regard (photograph by Alana Edwards).

Zebra swallowtail at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park (photograph, Alana Edwards).


  1. Bob – What is that instrument you are examining the rough green snake with?

  2. Randy: I think that’s just his binocs from a sort-of sideways angle.

  3. Oh, duh. What’s funny is I have an old pair of Leica binos that I always use in reverse mode as a magnifying glass. Something about the small size and the strap that looked like some kind of handle threw me off. Thanks Joyce!

  4. and what kind of snake is that? Do you know the worlds smalles snake “size of a quarter” was discovered several weeks ago?

    Public Adjusters

  5. Great work done by Bob to find the Canadian butterflies, Stunning, Scarry yet beautiful pictures. Nice post.

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