Place Where You Live:

Axladitsa Avatakia, Greece, Edge of the Aegean

Photo of Sarah Journalling at Kufunda Learning Village, by Joanne de Norbriga

The Edge

By Sarah Whiteley

The Place where I live is the edge, a trusted home place, consistent throughout my life.  My home is also Axladitsa Avatakia[1], an olive farm on the Aegean edge of Europe – that holds deep knowing and mystery from East and West…


Early learning years of transitioning the challenging edges of family and growing up inspired my connection to woodlands and rivers; and later, as a young adult, the magnificant edges of the outdoors, as an Outdoor Educator. 


Multiple edges drew me in…edges of rock-climbs – both scaling dizzy heights as well as real and perceived fears; edges of the wind as a sailor and windsurfer – and the exhilarating call of precision and speed; edges of cave systems, encountering the cavernous and the squeeze in one adventurous breath. 


Continuing on…exploring edges of learning as a Royal Naval Officer, one of the first women to go to sea – and then the first to retire. Navigating choppy waters of traditional edges overlapping with uncharted edges of the new – forging my knowing – and returning me to the familiarity of teaching in nature.  Until, facing the seemingly ego-driven edge of the outdoor-world, compelling my soul to seek the subtle edges of shiatsu bodywork and healing touch.


And all the while, between the edges…love was nurtured…and new edges smoothed within emerging intimate partnership and a loving invitation to become more whole.  Understanding too that the common leading edge was always to deepen the learning field of self and other, individual and collective, human and non-human, visible and invisible.  Riding the edges of evolution through the powers of intention, purpose and service. 


Finally, bringing all streams together into the realms of loving partnership, land stewardship; soul service – that which brings me home.  A place utterly unfamiliar and unquestionably known…a rich blessing and paradox indeed.


The Edge is a trusted ally – and a place of power – that calls for exploration and expansion, always.  And it is perhaps a place that holds important wisdom necessary at this time of edge for our humanity.

[1] Axladitsa Avatakia