Place Where You Live:

Las Cuevas, Michoacán, Mexico

Mountains with Cacti at dusk
Photo by Andrés Sanz

In January, I left the United States and moved to Mexico. Just me and my two dogs, Nell and Clay. Having spent the winter nearby, a couple of years ago, I knew this region was likely the place I would end up. Right now is a dry and dusty time. Smoke is often in the air from the burning farmland being prepared for planting. All are waiting for the green that June rains will bring. Though there are cacti, this place is not a desert. Spring flowers still erupt into bloom. The mountains are covered with trees, long needle Michoacán pines, oak, eucalyptus and more. Avocado orchards have always been here, but now more than ever before. No place seems free of environmental challenges on this earth.

There is little humidity, so even the hottest days feel cool when you step into the shade. The air seems to always move, especially in the late afternoon, when strong wind often blows until dark. Evenings are glorious with dark skies and cool temperatures.

This little Rancho with one tienda is quiet. But there are birds, the sounds of farm animals and at dusk, coyotes. There is beauty in the landscape and the golden way the light touches everything here. This is my place now, far from the Appalachian mountains that were home for many years. I am learning through my senses from this new place everyday.