Place Where You Live:

Brewster, New York

Now, late in the afternoon, heading home from a daytrip at the beach with the family, stomach grumbles can be heard. Home is close but, just out of reach for a decent meal time. So the notorious fast food duo, McDonald’s and Burger King, are the only options for a quick fix to get you home, but which one?
Well, it’s obviously got to be Red Rooster.
Positioned right between the two fast food chains is the retro burger place, in Brewster NY. Being directly connected to Route 22, the red roofed restaurant is easy to catch the eyes of drivers. Getting out of the car to stretch, seeing the ice cream statue on the roof, you can’t help but get a special feeling from this burger joint.
With benches lined up against the side and decent shading for all, people come together outside where everyone has the same idea. People come together for a place to enjoy themselves. People come together for an experience with their meals.
With space to do as you please Red Rooster is a gathering location for all ages. While the parent’s mingle, kids are climbing the apple tree to see who can get the highest, and the teens are playing catch or the sort in the field. Once everyone’s had their fill of free time, the experience can continues with a final hurrah.
Blue, black, yellow, or green, they’ve got your ball for some mini golf. 18 holes packed together where bumping shoulders is normal. It doesn’t look like much but for many it is a momentous place. Going through the barn house or through the fully clothed pig with a top hat, everyone has that special hole in one.
Red Rooster doesn’t seem like much but everyone passes it everyday, and everyone remembers that first experience. With everyone having the same experience there is a connection that everyone can reminisce about without exception.