Place Where You Live:

Brooklyn, Connecticut

Brooklyn is situated in an area of Connecticut that is known as the quiet corner. Most people have never heard of Brooklyn and usually think of the bustling concrete jungle of Brooklyn New York. Brooklyn Connecticut is a small farm town that produces a large amount of corn for agricultural use. This town was founded in 1786 and still has many colonial style houses that are kept up and give Brooklyn the feeling of warm comfort that many New England towns seem to offer. The best part of living in Brooklyn for me is the Trinity Church which is where my road, Church Street, got its name.

Trinity Church opened in 1771 and recently closed its doors due to preservation initiatives. Since its construction, Trinity Church has been part of history. From the underground railroad which ran through tunnels underneath it, to the Revolutionary War soldiers who are buried in the graveyard this is a piece of American history. Perhaps for me the most haunting part of living next to Trinity church is its more recent history. In the early 1980’s, two female bodies were discovered in the pond behind the church where serial killer and Brooklyn local Michael Ross decided to dispose of them. As a teenager I moved to this town and immediately became infatuated by haunted areas. I also learned that my friend’s house was where Michael Ross’s grandparents lived before my friend’s parents purchased it. This all fueled my determination to uncover the truth of Brooklyn Connecticut. To put the label of “quiet corner” onto the town of Brooklyn leads people to feel that nothing ever happens here, but as I’ve crept deeper and deeper into this dark history I can truly say that one should never judge a book by its cover.