Place Where You Live:

Conglomeration of contemplation

Kalalau trail, Kauai

A chance to write about the place I live. Hmmmm I thought this would easy until I really started to think about how I came to the place I am now and the parallel of my state of mind that accompanied me on my journey. 

Every place I have lived and now live is puzzle piece that tells my story but for some of the pieces I had mis”placed” them and it took awhile to understand the importance until later.

My sense of place starts with an intrinsic exploratory excitement of something that has yet to be discovered personally. Then I like to find things that make me smile whether it be playing soccer on an asphalt parking lot in Cincinnati, OH to being in Kauai surfing and snorkeling in the powerful yet peaceful Pacific Ocean to being 12,000- 14,000 feet above the ocean in Colorado and Wyoming experiencing snow in the summer. Another important part of truly understanding place is knowing the history and culture. Every place has amazing stories of trial & tribulation and success & jubilation. Lastly, and most importantly share the stories, educate and open up eyes with intentionality and purpose so others can have a chance at not mis”placing” their puzzle pieces.

I am truly enjoying my present place, which is in Grand Teton National Park with the utmost respect to every previous place and occupant of the places that have helped me get here.