Place Where You Live:

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I’ve imaged my spot as my very own home. Why you may ask well it’s loud just like the horrible annoying CREEK! This place is just like home another reason is it’s quiet but only when my two little sisters are around? It’s so quiet around my spot when the leaves are following the fresh air. But when the creek is near by it’s just too loud “you are a spoiler”! Things that I feel around my spot is dirty, amazing, and very comfortable.

All I can smell are the fresh leaves from the trees and the socked in soil.

Things I touch when i’m here at my spot a pencil journal and well nothing else.

I hear planes, cars, and people talking driving and flying all at the same time.

I see almost everything where I am at my spot I see clouds coming from way up high I see all the things that I can’t imagine.

Laying near my spot it’s just too exciting because you have your journal and pencil and yourself here and it’s just a place for people when they’re frustrated and they leave it behind. This is why my spot is amazing to me.