Place Where You Live:

Kirkwood, Missouri

The Kirkwood Farmer’s Market

In the morning a variance of smells breeze through the air. The soft sweet smell of strawberries and grapes bring back memories of what I ate for breakfast every middle school morning. It also reminds me of the math class in sixth grade because everyday I would sit picking the crunchy berries out of my teeth as the teacher yelled at me to pay attention to the lesson. Loud voices arouse people to come up to their stand and shop. Merchants sit behind a six by six table that’s covered with the most elegant vibrant colored fruits and veggies that are locally grown at a farm within a ten mile radius of you.

In the afternoon this awful stream of unpleasantness crosses the path peoples eyes and tears start to drip from their faces, following with an awful stinging and burning sensation. All of a sudden the smell of sweet and calming perfume wafts through the air. Something that you would smell walking through the mall strolling right by the Victoria Secret store. She had, white legs, bald as a babies butt, black shorts and a bright green blouse that only your grandma would wear. Only the odd thing about this is it was a grandma.

Even though this place had a weirdly comforting smell, this was not the place I liked being at. People everywhere, no room to simply enjoy the world around you, shoulders smashed other shoulders because people did not care about people’s personal space. Moms screaming at their kids from across the tent telling them to get their butts over to them right now or they wouldn’t get ice cream after this. The loud noises congested my brain and made me lose all train of thought. The pitter patter of feet trampling across the ground stomping all the helpless insects below create a noise that sounds like thunder from miles away. Only one point of the day is quiet. When no one else is around and the fruits and veggies sit dormant under long green sheets that save them from the dangers of the world. The gate is locked with a large golden lock that prevents scary veggie thieves from making away with their prize. The day is over and ready to start back up again at the first crack of sunlight.