Place Where You Live:

Lansing, New York

Cayuga Lake visible from my house

When it comes to small towns in rural areas, you don’t get any better than Lansing, New York. I lived there for most of my life and while there aren’t many big attractions compared to some towns, it makes up for it by having a beautiful landscape. While some complain about living in New York because of how cold it can get in the winter, they don’t realize how beautiful it can be in the fall when all the trees have turned a golden yellow, or bright orange. They don’t realize how satisfying it is to enjoy the first warm day after the snow has melted.
When it comes to good communities I feel small towns are the best place to look. With small towns come small communities, but with those small communities is a bond like no other. The people of Lansing treat each other like family because of how close everyone is with one another. A good example of this is seen when you stop by the local grocery store, you will notice friends browsing the aisles or working the registers. No matter where you go in the town you will almost always be able to bump into someone you know and strike up a conversation with them, making it an even tighter knit community.
To me Lansing is more than just a town people pass on their way through parts of upstate New York. To me it is a beautiful place where people come together as a community and help each other. It has always held a special place in my heart as I am sure that many other people’s hometowns do with them. Lansing, New York is where I made friendships that will last a lifetime, graduated high school, went to prom, and many other life changing events that I will truly never forget. To me Lansing is where so much of my life has taken place, and I am glad of it because I wouldn’t have asked for a better town to grow up in.