Place Where You Live:

Ontonagon, Michigan

Ontonagon is such a different place. It is like its own little country. River Street, especially so. It is just a plain little road, in a tiny little town, but yet there is seemingly so much buzz.

There are cars driving by with their tires echoing on the asphalt as they drive by, sounds of seagulls overhead from Lake Superior which is not too far off, and the occasional person walking by on the sidewalks, perhaps visiting the little shops there. It’s a quaint little place, with little storefronts having each their own unique treasures inside. There’s Nonesuch Gallery, an interesting store selling jewelry, locally roasted coffee beans, homemade art, soaps, guitars, and other unique gifts; there’s Syl’s Cafe, with its “Garbage Omelet” and other good food; there’s Firefly Boutique with clothes that are oddly up to date for this old little town; and not to mention, the Saint Vincent De Paul thrift store, where you can find so many familiar faces. Each shop attracts tourists in its own little way, but most importantly it attracts the locals in such a way that they come by again and again.

There is almost always a breeze coming off of Lake Superior, but the wind almost always feels warm, never chilly, unless it is in the winter time, and even then it is bearable. The air almost smells old, reminding you of the rich history this town holds. There are pictures and plaques on some of the buildings telling of this history—pictures of the miners and the buildings as they stood years ago. The buildings themselves show their age. Many of them are originals, showing cracks in bricks and peeling siding and worn roofs, while others have been restored but still reflect their former history.