Place Where You Live:

Oxnard, California

Downtown Oxnard

Oxnard is a quaint town simple town about 60 miles north Los Angeles. The town is mostly agricultural.I grew up right across the street from the strawberry fields.Growing up my home was a home for many of the seasonal workers. Even though they were strangers, we shared the culture. We shared the same pozle, watched Don Francisco Saturday night and talked about the people from our town of Leon.

There’s lots of beautiful beaches my favorite is the Oxnard beach park. On hot summer days my family would head over to the beach and have a little bbq. We’d play soccer eat carne asada and laugh as we saw someone fell in the freezing water. With volleyball courts playgrounds and even benches there’s something for all age groups.

During Christmas time my family would eat tamles and then work it off by walking down F street. is one of the oldest streets in oxnard which has lots of decorated house around the neighborhood. Here you’ll find a variety of decorated houses from dreidels to camels and crosses. My favorite house is covered in white lights and has a mini train station, set up my dad would always pick me up and put me on his shoulders so I could get a better view.

Oxnard is more than just a pretty name according to the snapchat filter. It’s full of amazing people and diverse cultures. There’s so much to do from go to the beach to shop at the local shops. Oxnard is home it’s a place to relax, a place to make memories and a place for family’s.