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Portland, Oregon

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Portland has always felt safe for me, it is a town inside a city. Known for their brunches and farmers markets, it is easily compared to a warm blanket. Living in a small city like this one it can effortlessly feel like you’ve done everything or know everyone after just a few years. Portland is comfortable, but comfortable doesn’t always mean good.

There’s a lot about Portland to feel good about when the location is quaint.You have the ability to be yourself, to express your true colors without judgement. Going through my adolescence living Oregon I had never witnessed a fight or a dangerous crime scene, and until I lived downtown I had never had anything stolen. Even just last week I had lost my wallet and someone mailed it to me with everything still intact. There is a tight knit community feel that we all as a whole can appreciate.

With eating out you can usually eat at your favorite locations without too long of a wait and you definitely won’t need to make reservations weeks or months in advance. With that being said you will still enjoy mind numbingly delicious food with your local organic coffee and servers who genuinely feel like they enjoy your company.

All of the positivity is almost exhausting. We are the quiet, pleasant bunch. That is what we will continue to be known for, a nice, comfortable city. For me this can set myself up for a weird state of mind because you should have no reason to feel unhappy here. You should have no reason to feel like this place isn’t a wonderful place to live because it simply isn’t. But living in a city I would always expect to get more out of a population of 632,309, just under Seattle. I don’t want to feel like I know everyone or I have done everything there is to do. Portland is for the introverted.The ones who want to be comfortable, safe. Portland is not bad, but it is one big house and to some, that is a home.