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Portland, Oregon

Harmony in Nature and City

When people think of natural beauty, they usually think about sprawling forests with reviense running through them and flowers just beginning to bloom. Uniting two predominantly different themes, and joining them into a cohesive ecosystem is my definition of natural beauty. That is why I think of Portland when I think of natural beauty, sure it is has tall concrete buildings and busy streets, but it manages to also incorporate scenery that convey a sense of wilderness. Huge trees are found in every streets, flowers bloom like they do in forests and the Willamette river cuts through the city like a finely drawn line between the old and the new. Its blend of nature and modernity is truly excellent once you stop and think about it, very few cities can achieve this harmony

I live in downtown Portland, and everytime I leave my house my senses are overloaded with conflicting signals. From birds chirping in the early morning and the colorful sight of many different kinds of trees, to the busy noise of the nearby street it gives a healthy mixture of both nature and city. You can find parks all over Portland, and the parks are usually filled with different kinds of trees and flowers. The Japanese Garden is a great example of how the city combines nature with civilization, it is close by to the downtown area and is a must see location for anyone visiting. I like the Japanese Garden because it has one of my favorite kinds of trees, cherry blossom trees are in abundance in the Japanese Garden and surprisingly across the downtown area though not as abundant. Portland to me is meant for people who want a different take on the typical city landscape, where its inhabitants can have a healthy dose of both locations.