Place Where You Live:

San Fernando Valley, California

The View of the Valley during the day

The Valley is known as the place where it is always hot and the place where you feel parked on the 405 or 118 freeway because the traffic is so bad. The Valley is my hometown; my comfortable spot, my security blanket; the place where I can be myself a place.
My whole life I have known the Valley to be a place where one moment you can say there is nothing to do and another minute find an exciting place to adventure to.

From shopping on Ventura Blvd or grabbing a bite to eat at a hipster café like Blu Jam Café with THE best French Toast or even eating at In-N-Out which you can find anywhere, this is a place where there is always something to do, no matter your preferences.
Me, personally, I love exploring the Art Museums and the scenic views that this place has to offer. From visiting The Broad, a Contemporary Art Museum that I fell in love with the second I walked in, to sight seeing at the Griffith Observatory at night and seeing the view of the city and gazing at the stars , you feel alive because you are exploring such new and exciting things that you can’t really find anywhere else.

The people here in the Valley are very different from other areas of California. The people can be rude, nice, gay, or straight, whatever the people may be they are all their own person whether they express it through fashion, art, words, or even the food they may like, they all are different and special in some way, shape, or form. The Valley in general is a very diverse and cultural place to be.

At times it can be a stressful place especially trying to get around because it is such a big area but when I get out of my car after driving an hour from school, I feel a sense of relief coming back to the hectic town that I know as home;the place that I grew up in and made me the person I am today.