Place Where You Live:

San Fernando Valley, California

The San Fernando Valley

I am from the San Fernando Valley. The Valley is place where it is easy to run into people you know quite often. It is constantly hot. Teens drink and do drugs. There’s a party every weekend. Some people you know are in gangs. Helicopters and police are always chasing someone. Hotshots going 60 in a 45mph road. You are surrounded by Hispanic culture everywhere up until you reach Woodland Hills. I take living in The San Fernando Valley for granted, but when I think about it, I am truly grateful for it. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I love to say “I am from The San Fernando Valley”. The Valley is considered “boring” to those that live outside of the valley, but for those that are in the valley; it is home.

This place means so much to me because of the memories I have such as my first kiss, my first date, where I scored my first goal, where I won my first tournament, where I broke my arm, and good times I had with family and friends throughout the valley. I will forever cherish these moments.

If I am not doing anything soccer related, I go somewhere to have a good time. There are many things to do in the valley such as miniature golf, go jumping in a building full of trampolines, bowling, go karting, and of course play sports at parks. The best thing about the valley is when you get tired of doing stuff nearby, nothing is too far from you. Downtown LA is 30 minutes away, Disneyland is about an hour and a half away, Six Flags is about an hour away, and beaches can range from 15 to 30 minutes away depending on which one you go to.

When I come back after being away, I feel content being home and surrounded by things I am so familiar with and love; it is the place I want to live in when I have my own family.