Place Where You Live:

The Woods

My place is from when I was a little kid when I first lived in Bradford. It was behind my grandmother’s house that I had lived in both with her and when my mother owned the house. I used to go out back into the woods and just run around, climb things all kinds of thing but mainly I liked to sit down either in branches or at the base of the tree. My favorite time to do this was in the fall a couple weeks before the first snow when the air tastes cold or like winter. I used to sit in a tree and smell the air and relax listening to birds and the leaves on the ground when the wind blew. Of all places I was most comfortable sitting in those trees feeling the rough bark and the cold breezes, most often than not I would fall asleep for a little bit before I was called back to the house. Now a days, I can’t go and visit my old spot because I would be trespassing, but every now and again I walk by that old house and remember the feel of the trees and the smell of a nice cold breeze.