Other Forms of Water

When I see a child sitting on a horse, I believe for a moment they are the same animal. Like owls sleeping in larch trees. Like geese resting between cattails. I Continue reading


It begins subtly: the maple withdraws an inch from the birch tree. The porcupine wants nothing to do with the skink. Fish unschool, sheep unflock to separately graze. Clouds meanwhile declare Continue reading

Bear Life

After John Berryman’s “The Ball Poem” What is the man now who has lost his tail, What, what is he to do without his heavy bear? I saw it dragging across Continue reading

Wild Strawberry Madrigal

Cinquefoil heaven behind tract homes, creeping with emerald mouse-tail vines & candied seeded garnet thimbles, you grew beside the place we buried goldfish, caged mice, the small pets we were permitted, Continue reading

On Finding a Field

I’ve been looking for you so long I need you so  so soso so     much    & it snowed my woes check my shoes my purple hands I’ve been looking Continue reading