Pine’s Prayer against Lumberjacks

Red-buzzing-spindle-bud, Orange-lightning-clover-scale, Yellow-moon-blowfish-mud, Green-crater-raindrop-prayer, Blue-turtle-stamen-flood, Violet-paw print-sulphur-hail, Black-birdsong-limestone-sea— the smallest pea’s brain-symphony. They’ll break the forest’s velvet sleep with axes, fires’ glowing eyes. With fingers feathered omens deep, while breathing, river, Continue reading

Diaspora Sonnet 44

My paradise is hollowed out. I dwell within a famished basin populated by the purpled crowns of Russian thistle. This sage desert is a dry throat and I am a whole Continue reading

The Kinetic Energy of Snow

Not so rare as the meteor that flashed its tufted wings over Russia three days before you were born, its little blazing tail hooked right into me—not so rare as the Continue reading

Ode to a Sheep Skull

On top of the mountain where I grew up were two farms, each loathing the other. At first, there were simply rumors: poison in the animal feed; a sheep’s head on Continue reading